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Paul's Online Math Notes

Paul Dawkins is a professor at Lamar University. I personally reference these notes first whenever I need to brush up on something. These are text, however, not video, which I personally prefer, but I know is not for everyone. He has notes and practice problems for Calculus I, II, III and Differential Equations, along with a section on Algebra.

Khan Academy - Calculus

This is a little redundant with the "General Tips" section, but I really like the videos and practice problems that Khan Academy has for Calculus. The videos and practice problems go through using each of the differentiation rules separatly, and has worked examples of derivatives that require using multiple rules at once.

Wolfram Alpha

Again, this is redundant with the "General Tips" section, but Wolfram Alpha goes a long way with helping in Calculus. When you are calculating a derivative that requires you to use mutiple rules, it's crucial to get feedback if you've done the derivative correctly. If you do use Wolfram Alpha to check answers, be aware that if your answer looks different than the one that you have, it may not necessarily be written wrong, but it may be written in a different format by using factoring or trigonometric identities.

Derivative Rule Videos

Implicit Differentiation

This video is on Implicit Differentiation, how it is like the chain rule, and has several worked out examples that include using product rule, chain rule, and trigonometric derivatives.

Derivatives of Logarithms

This video is on derivatives of logarithms. It includes an exlanation and worked out examples, including problems that use logarithm properties to solve.

L'Hopital's Rule

This video is on L'Hopital's Rule, which uses derivatives to help us solve limits of indeterminate forms. (Limits where we get 0/0 or infinity/infinity as an answer).